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H electronic monitoring and alterations her clinical practice and her teaching. H electronic monitoring and adjustments her clinical practice and her teaching. Inside the second the volunteer reflects on the require to query assumptions about dress codes, rethinking her initial assumptions in regards to the implications on the look of her Somali student. Inside the third the volunteer imports an idea of `African time' from her UK practical experience and maintains this view in the course of her time in Somaliland. The volunteering knowledge within this case will not challenge her to challenge the concept of a pan African approach to time keeping, culturally certain ideas about time in distinct parts of Africa or the potentially derogatory implications of her description.Variables influencing learningFactors reported as influencing finding out have been the logistics on the trip (poor logistics distracted participants from learning); opportunities and support for reflection (extended operating days with small opportunity to debrief restricted finding out) plus the extent to which participants have been in a position to see hyperlinks in between their Somaliland encounter and their UK operate. Normally, well-organised trips gave participants much more time for you to focus on finding out and supportive relationships with Somali partners, mentoring from UK colleagues or individual commitment to reflection, for example keeping a diary, facilitated understanding.Components influencing transfer of finding out to NHS practiceTransfer of mastering to NHS practice was influenced by person volunteer factors, volunteer placement components and volunteer NHS role. Individual factors included the extent of volunteer commitment or capacity to extrapolate mastering between contexts, placement factors included the hyperlinks among roles while volunteering and within the NHS and NHS components incorporated organisational capacity for studying and modify. Case study 4 under illustrates the translation with the volunteer knowledge to a broader appreciation of carers and their part in healthcare delivery plus the inter-relation among culture and wellness. This volunteer correctly translates her learning for the NHS atmosphere by extrapolating what they observe in regards to the part of carers and adapting it the NHS context with reflection around the limits of her finding out, that it, an acknowledgement that it may be culturally distinct but also creating extra generic finding out about the part of carers normally.Tillson et al. Globalization and Overall health (2016) 12:Page four ofTable 1 Mastering domains and transfer to NHS perform identified by participantsDiscussion This study reports information from interviews with volunteers from a long-term partnership between Kings Well being Partners and organisations in Somaliland. It builds on earlier work that documents understanding outcomes from volunteering within healthcare partnerships [6, 7] by means of its concentrate on the process of mastering from volunteer practical experience along with the transferability of this learning for the UK NHS practice. Volunteers within KTSP reported learning in the domains ofcommunication; interdisciplinary operating; teaching; management; leadership and service development. As we identified no new domains of understanding, we've got not recommended any additions towards the framework [6]. This studying came from observing familiar practices in unfamiliar environments; option solutions to familiar troubles, experiencing Somali culture, opportunities to assume greater levels of responsibility and new expert relationships. There was variability within the extent to which volunteers have been in a position to translateTillson et al. Globalization and Health (2016) 1.